TCBA Youth Mentoring & Scholarship Program Returns!

We are pleased to announce that the TCBA Youth Mentoring and Scholarship program is returning for another year!  Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 program.  This year we will also be adding an in-person interview section to the application process.  Completed applications will be accepted until March 30th, 2019.  *Any applications received after March 30th will automatically be disqualified.  The in-person interviews will be scheduled for Monday, April 1st, 2019.

Through our annual fundraising activities, member support, and donations from people like you, we are able to continue offering kids an opportunity to chase dreams that might otherwise seem out of reach to them. We are very excited to be able to continue this opportunity into 2019, and we hope will join us in helping enrich the lives of youths in our area.

“Finding a path or a hobby that you are passionate about is not always an easy task. And, once you do find a hobby you are interested in, it can be even harder to get started and find a reliable source to learn about your new hobby. This is why Youth Programs, such as this, play a very important role in the lives of our younger generations. TCBA’s Youth Mentoring Program is a scholarship based program designed to help today’s youth get started in beekeeping by providing them the resources and guidance needed to become tomorrow successful beekeepers. By becoming a young beekeeper, our youths are not only learning about the wondrous world of the honey bee, but they are also learning about the importance of our tiny friends in nature, as well as becoming better stewards for our world.”

~ John Swan| TCBA President

If you would like to learn more about this years Youth Mentoring Program, or to download an application, please visit our Scholarship Page.