Meeting Schedule

Travis County Beekeepers Association is committed to educating both beekeepers and the public about the importance of honeybees. One way we do this is by curating interesting programs and hosting experienced speakers for our meetings. All meetings are free and open to the public. We hope you enjoy this year’s schedule of speakers and topics!

TCBA meetings are usually held on the FIRST Monday of each month. Typically, a beekeeper lesson is offered at 7:00pm, then we may have a guest speaker, another class, or a short business meeting. Meetings are held inside the Zilker Botanical Garden Center Large Meeting room, parking is free for attendees. Please bring snacks to share when you can, thanks!

*Occasionally topics will change or be shifted in order to accommodate special guest speakers.

2018 Meeting Dates:

Monday, February 5th: 7pm-9pm

*Gates open at 6:15, meeting starts promptly at 7:00pm. Parking is free for the meeting.

This month we’ll be taking a look at what is needed to get started in beekeeping. This portion will cover where/how to get your bees, choosing the hive style, prepping the hive, selecting a location for the hive, city regulations/rules, and other considerations.

We’ll also discuss final winter inspections, what to be looking for, and what you should be prepping for in the coming weeks.

Lastly, what is up with these small winter swarms? A brief discussion.


Monday, March 5th: 7pm-9pm

*Gates open at 6:15, and meeting starts promptly at 7:00.  Parking is free for meeting attendees.

This month we will be learning all about plants! Which ones are great at producing nectar or pollen, and how to plant for pollinators.

We’ll also discuss spring prep, making spring splits, and spring feeding.

Monday, April 2nd: 6pm-9pm

*Gates open at 5:30p, and meeting starts promptly at 6:00pm.  Parking is free for meeting attendees.

This month is our extended meeting, please note the update times.  We will be announcing our 2018 Youth Mentoring & Scholarship Program winner(s).  Come learn how to assemble a Langstroth Hive, as well as a Topbar Hive.  We will also be talking about how to install your new package or Nuc of bees.  How much, and how often, should you feed your new bees?  Bring your beginner beekeeping questions, and let our Master Beekeeper program members help shed some light on your journey.

Monday, May 7th: 7pm-9pm

Monday, June 4th: 7pm-9pm

Monday, July 2nd: 7pm-9pm

Monday, August 6th: 7pm-9pm

Monday, September 3rd: 7pm-9pm

Monday, October 1st: 7pm-9pm

Monday, November 5th: 7pm-9pm

Monday, December 3rd: 7pm-9pm