Meeting Schedule

Travis County Beekeepers Association is committed to educating both beekeepers and the public about the importance of honeybees.  One way we do this is by curating interesting programs and hosting experienced speakers for our meetings.  All meetings are free and open to the public. We hope you enjoy this year’s schedule of speakers and topics!

TCBA meetings are usually held on the FIRST Monday of each month.  Typically, a beekeeper lesson is offered at 7:00pm, then we may have a guest speaker, another class, or a short business meeting. Meetings are held inside the Zilker Botanical Garden Center Large Meeting room, parking is free for attendees. Please bring snacks to share when you can, thanks!

2017 Upcoming Schedule:

Monday, March 6th:  7pm-9pm  Guest Speaker – Becky Engle  with the LBJ Wildflower center will be coming to speak to us about the specific nectar producing flowers in Central Texas and when the main nectar flows occur for our region.  This is very helpful to beekeepers so that you can plan accordingly on when to give your bees more space to take advantage of these nectar flows for build up or increased honey production…

UPDATED! –  There has been a change to this months meeting agenda.  After our main guest speaker, we will be having a separate panel of guest speakers who will be presenting on the current legislation HB 1293 which changes current beekeeping regulations in the state of TX.  We will have a very brief overview of the existing law, the proposed new law, and we will hear from speakers who feel that it is important to oppose the new law.

Monday, April 3rd:  6pm-9:30pm – EARLY START AT 6:00pm – Come in early!!! Meeting starts at 6:00 pm  and we will be ASSEMBLING a Topbar hive, a Langstroth deep hive body with frames, as well as how to install real wax foundations and wire in your frames. We will also be introducing our 2017 Youth Scholarship Recipient(s) at this time, and they will be participating in putting together their first hives!!  If you have equipment and haven’t put it together yet, bring it along and join in on the fun.  Around 7:00-7:30, after we complete assembly, we will teach you how to install your bees (swam/package/nuc).  We will also have a presentation on how to catch/pick up a swarm, as well as why bees swarm and how they choose a new home.  We will end with a Q & A session on Spring Management if time allows.

Monday, May 1st:  7pm-9pm  (TBD)

Monday, June 5th:  7pm-9pm  (TBD)

Monday, July 3rd:  7pm-9pm   Discussion on how to Harvest your honey and other hive products, preparing for the Summer Dearth, and Bee Nutrition.

Monday, August 7th  7pm-9pm (TBD)

AUGUST 18-20 – Special Public Event – 5th Annual Tour de Hives (more details soon)

Monday, September 4th:  7pm-9pm – (TBD)

Monday, October 2nd:  7pm-9pm (TBD)

Monday, November 6th:  7pm-9pm  How to Order Bees for Spring and where to order from. Last minute winter preparations for your hives. We will also be Nominating new club officers for 2018.  Any member current on their dues is eligible to hold an officer position.  Interested parties can speak to any of the current officers to be placed on the ballot.

Monday, December 4th  7pm-9pm – Holiday Potluck Celebration – with a short business meeting to Vote in our new officers for 2018.

 *Occasionally topics will change or be shifted in order to accommodate special guest speakers.